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Born August 17th, 2005, Sukoshi & Sashi have gone to their new homes.

Sukoshi (aka Junior)

Sukoshi @ 9 weeks old
What a cutie pie!

Nov. 28, 2005~
Sukoshi's doing very well. He has his own trainer that specializes in shibas. He goes over there once a week and just socializes with the other dogs right now and very basic obedience (sit, come, down). I was hoping to bring Sukoshi up there sometime in the new year. Thanx, Melissa


Sashi @ 9 weeks

November 5, 2005
We're are having a great time. Things have just gone so smoothly and Sashi has gotten so close to us. She is just so good. She plays like a mad woman and is teething, but totally normal puppy stuff.

Sashi 11 weeks
Loving all the attention & love at her new home!

November 22, 2005~
We took Sashi to the vet yesterday. She weighs 11.7 pounds. Oh, my baby is getting big. She gets her last round of shots next month. I won't take her to the groomers or dog park until then. I guess we're gonna have to bathe her and clip her nails on our own. Wish us luck.

Born February 3rd, 2006
Chloe x Brutus


3 months old

Saturday, June 10th, 2006:
She is eleven pounds now.  She just got her last shots. Now is the
dreaded part. She is such a BITER. She just wants to eat my pony tail and eat my fingers.  She is doing great on potty traning. Jack the cat hasn't got use to her yet, but he has gained a lot of weight since Alyx has taken over the house.  We have been takin her out a playin catch, she is really good at it, but she is barely learning to drop the rope.  Thank you again and again and again.


4 Months

Monday, June 19th, 2006:
All is well, he has Brutus' double curl.  He goes
tomorrow for his final booster shot.  Then he gets
snipped ( ouch ). All the girls at the vets love him
and have to have their Dyogi fix.  He is the prince of
day care.  Everyone loves him, day care says he is the
best socialized puppy they habve ever had.  "Must be a
really great breeder" is the comments from day care.
Of course I said yes, the best!.   So yes he's
spoiled. But not by me only. 



4 Months

Monday, June 19th, 2006:
I absolutely adore my little Kaya!!! She is getting so big! Our last visit to the vet she weighed in at 16.5 lbs. She looks just like her daddy! Her face, her body, even her neck, her tail, oh, her tail is too cute! Is makes about two curly Q's and has streaks of black and the white tip is still there! She is so loving and so much fun! We took her to dog beach twice this past weekend (Friday and Saturday). Kaya is such a cuddler! she sleeps with us every night. Kaya has brought so much joy to our lives. We take her everywhere we can!  I love her so much!!!


3 months

Sunday, May 14th, 2006:
Bailey had adjusted wonderfully. He has such spunk! He loves picking on Kuma (still) and Kuma is great and puts up with it. They are always playing when not sleeping. Kuma has become a great "big brother".

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